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So pretty!

This formula is just as soft and easy to blend as the more popular item they sell. I love the purple color. It feels like I don't have anything on. And you can achieve that blended doutin lip look easily. Plus, if you have any problem at all, customer service is so nice and quick to help you. Love!
(photos are in bathroom lighting. Lips are both a light, blended application, as well as a fuller coverage application)

Amazing and surprising

I got Petal and Radiance. I tried Radiance first and was very impressed with the staying power of the formula. I did get transfer, onto a cup I was drinking from. But then I also ate dinner, and I still had color on my lips. Which doesn't happen for a lot of other brands I've tried. This formula is so soft and blends out flawlessly. It achieves that douyin lip look so well. And it feels like I'm not really wearing anything. Plus, if you have any issues at all, the customer service is so nice and quick to fix anything. Love this brand. (photos are in bathroom lighting)

Espresso lipstick

Loved it! its matte but not drying which is great. The colour is super pigmented too~ and shipping was fast~

Beautiful shade

I purchased the shade Nude. It glides on like butter and is very pigmented... without drying. The color Nude would look good on every skin tone and is long lasting!

Recommend from @theanashea !

I love her abd her page so much. I saw these cute shades abd I had to try. I’m IN love!

I love this!

This lipstick is so soft, smooth, and lovely. It has such a delicate look. I love it and can’t wait to get more colors!


This stuff goes on smoothly and STAYS! And the colors are great. No matter what color you want, you can find it, from bold to muted and everything in between!

Love it!

I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. I love the color and texture of this product. It really gives a pretty flush of color and isn’t too dry. I’ll be buying more colors!

Babe! Thanks for your amazing comment! The 09-radiance shade looks amazing on you! So GORGEOUSSSSSSS

Good Shade

I have just received the lips and I can see that these two lipsticks have the functional design that are easy to carry everywhere. The color shade is perfect, however, I recommend cool tone people should not buy this combo as the shade orange is not really good when applied on my face. I haven’t tried this product much yet to decide whether or not the lipstick hydrates the lips

Love it!

These lipsticks are super smooth and soft. Leaves no residues and the colors are very flattering. Only downside is that they don’t last long, but they’re still a 10. Will continue buying these.

ITY Soft Matte Lip Mud 3pcs Set (Affiliate Only)
Vita Robinson

I cant wait to try the other shades!

ITY Soft Matte Lip Mud 3pcs Set (Affiliate Only)
Jana-Lynn K

I love the shade ranges. It feels so buttery soft on the lips and leaves a velvety matte finish without drying your lips out. 10/10 recommend!

Crazy matte and light, but a little drying

My mind was so blown when I put this on, it SERIOUSLY smoothed and matteified. This formula is amazing, never felt anything like it! Feels soooo light, more like powder than liquid. Really nice and blendable. If you want full coverage you may need a second dip. Now I just wish they had a more bright red color and maybe a pure black. I will mention once I wiped it off, I could see my lip skin flaking/dry (you can see a bit of the result in my Apricot photo), so make sure you do a proper lip scrub before using! I'll try that next time. Pictures are Radiance (pink) and Apricot (nude). Sorry about the crooked nose ring lol.

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on our ITY Soft Matte Lip Mud. We're thrilled to hear that you were blown away by the smoothing and matte effect of our formula. We appreciate your feedback on the color options and will definitely take it into consideration for future development! By the way, our 05-Truffle is the shade in black that is specially created! As for the dryness, we recommend exfoliating your lips before application for a smoother finish. Thank you for choosing our product and we hope you continue to enjoy it!

Best lipsticks ever

Formula is so good glide on my lips
Keep lips soft and hydrated love the colors. This trio are the best colors will buy again.

Love it

Pigmentation is nice I love the look

Love the lip color

Love it nice matt finish…

love it so much

me and my daugther love this lip mud so much, its looks natural on the lips

Triple Threat!

What I love more than one tube of magic in a flattering color is THREE tubes of magic all in flattering colors. I've never had a matte liquid lipstick NOT dry out my lips. The matte is perfect, it lasts all day and it's great to wear without lip liner. The outer lines blur to perfection for that undeniably soft K-beauty pout. Even after I eat, it somehow still looks nice. Even when it's faded a bit, it still looks soft and blurred and beautiful. Highly recommend!!!

Happy surprise for brown skin

I bought this on a whim - I must try every dark brown lip color I find - and loved both the color and the light texture. Best of all, two hours later and my lips are still soft and comfortable with only a little lip mask as a base.

Love it!

Bought for my Halloween look and received today. I was surprised! It’s amazing. Love this color!

Matte Lips

Great color love all the different shades.

My favourite Lipstick

I love the color and texture this lipstick gives you. Plus it smells amazing. I am rebuying it.

INTO YOU Hydration Lip Gloss in Clear
Great gloss

absolutely love this product

Would Purchase Again

Good coverage, doesn’t require a lot of product to conceal what I want, and lasts longer than most other products.

Exactly what I was looking for

once I received the contour and opened it up, I was very happy that I did take a chance! I like my contour to be more on the "grayish" side rather than a more "orangy" color and it is VERY difficult for me to find a more grayer- brown contour... But I found it here, in this product. It also includes a beautiful highlighting shade The size is bigger than I expected⸜ ♡ ⸝ Love it!!!!