INTO YOU has collaborated with various brands from different industries since 2021 and built great partnerships. We aim to continue exploring the color and texture of lip makeup and bring more creative products!

Due to contractual obligations, we are currently limited to selling these exclusive collection cosmetics only in Asia. This restriction has been imposed to ensure compliance with our agreement and maintain the integrity of our collaboration. We want to assure you that we are actively working on future makeup collaborations that will be available worldwide, allowing all our beloved customers to enjoy the magic of our creations.

INTO YOU x Toy Story

Indulge in a captivating color journey filled with the essence of strawberries, accompanied by the cute Lotso
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INTO YOU x Fluffy Festival

Dress INTO YOU Canned Lip Mud and Eyeshadow palette into a fluffy outfit and get ready to start the party!
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INTO YOU x Zootopia

Offer Judy reporting for duty! INTO YOU Carrot Recorder Lipstick is your ultimate tool for cracking the case!
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INTO YOU x Straveling Muzeum

Unleash the vibrant world of Van Gogh through INTO YOU Lip Mud. Bringing art to real life on your lips.
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INTO YOU x Marie's

Joining China's century-old watercolor brand, Marie's, brings an explosion of colors to your lips.
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