Start the fluffy festival with INTO YOU. INTO YOU x Pixar Fluffy Festival collection features bold and creative colors that can be suitable for a variety of looks. a delightful fusion of Pixar's fluffy characters and the beauty world. Each product is adorned with the lovable faces of Sully, Ducky, Bunny, and more, making every application a playful and memorable experience. The packaging design is as fluffy and delightful as the characters themselves, capturing the essence of Pixar's magic. Ready to join this colorful journey?

Fluffy 12 Shades Eyeshadow Palette

Dressed in new furry clothes, this palette features shades of rich colors. Enjoy the perfect balance between matte and shimmer textures and the interactions among different senses.

Fluffy Canned Lip & Cheek Mud

INTO YOU hot selling products -Canned Lip & Cheek Mud is covered with a fluffy package. Super easy to glide on with a specially designed lip brush and creates a velvety texture.

Limited Edition Fluffy Lip & Cheek Mud

This limited edition of Lip & Cheek Mud was curated for INTO YOU popup offline store in Shanghai, China

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